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by Stephanie Villegas April 03, 2016

Hi Friend,
You may or may not have noticed but we changed a few things this year at Sittin’ Pretty Still. We gained clarity on our vision, hired a business coach, and pushed ourselves to step outside of our comfort zone.

Re-creating the look of our candle and our website wasn’t easy. It took 3-months to get everything in order! I (Steph) being slightly impatient wanted to get the rebrand done as quickly as possible. But Kristi, who embodies patience, said to me, “I’d rather take time with this rebrand and make it great.” I’m so grateful I have her calm yogi goddess energy around me!
Our comfort zone is safe, fuzzy and invites you in like a warm blanket. It tells you “Don’t worry, everything is going to be the same and predictable.” Planning your future and clinging to expectations gives you peace of mind. We're always 100% right about how things will turn out. One could only wish :)

When we change, we grow and when we grow, we change for the better.

Change is scary and unfamiliar. It knocks you off of your routine, you get uncomfortable and sometimes you’re a beginner all over again.

So, here’s how we embrace change:

Accept Change

You’ve probably heard this wonderful quote, “The only thing that is constant is change.” Heraclitus

It’s true, change is inevitable. The more you accept that everything changes the easier this lesson is. For example, when things are going seemingly horrible in your life, remember that nothing lasts forever. Change is going to happen and hopefully for the better. Expect, embrace, and love change because it's coming.

Learn from the experience

How often do we go through a challenging change and don’t listen to the lessons?

Notice how you reacted and how you can change that for the better. Having a journal helps you clearly define what you learned. I personally love journaling after a big change happens. It keeps me grounded and clear-headed.


Take some time out to write, ponder, and maybe even discuss with a close pal on what happened during your change. Reflection gives you time to process, evaluate, feel and course correct if needed.

So, pause and reflect next time a big change happens. Stillness will give you the space to learn and express more gratitude for pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

The answers you seek come to you in times of STILLNESS.

Personal Note From Steph:

Talk about being out of your comfort zone! A few weeks ago I entered a “Searching for the Next Fitness star” By Shape Magazine &
I decided I wanted to enter because lately I haven’t felt challenge or uncomfortable in a while. I submitted the application and surrendered to the outcome.

This week I got the call I made it as a finalist in the TOP 3 and will be going to NYC to film 2 classes. HOLY NAMASTE WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO?! 
I wonder where this journey will take me but I appreciate any positive vibes & wishes. Change baby...its coming! 

Steph & Kristi

Stephanie Villegas
Stephanie Villegas


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