20 ways to find coziness in the Summer!

by Kristi Kuttner June 04, 2018 1 Comment

When you think of coziness does a Chai latte, warm blanket and crackling fireplace come to mind?  It's easy to hunker down and get cozy in our oversized hoodies in the fall and winter months, but don't forget to get cozy in the warmer summer months as well. I am an activist for "living with all of your senses, all of the time"! This requires us to slow down and really enjoy this beautiful time of the year. Here is a list of 20 ways to get COZY and calm this summer.


  1. Enjoy your coffee or tea outside in the morning 
  2. Get your bare feet on mother earth (grass, sand, body of water)
  3. Plant flowers near your front door 
  4. Blast your music with the car windows down FREEEEEEE BIRRRRRRD!
  5. Go camping (in your yard counts too)
  6. Go for a long leisurely bike ride
  7. Make sun tea (simply put tea bags in water and place in sun)
  8. Eat your meals outside with pretty napkins
  9. Pick flowers to have in your bedroom and kitchen
  10. Hug a tree
  11. Play with your kids or fur babies outside in the sun
  12. Let your hair air dry and go all natural
  13. Meet friends at the park or beach for a picnic
  14. Take a walk along the beach or in the woods with no ear phones
  15. Eat corn on the cob and tomatoes for dinner
  16. Read a good book in the shade (I'm reading Women who run with wolves)
  17. Pick up fresh and local produce from your farmers market
  18. Make sage bundles out of rosemary, sage and lavender.  Let dry out and then sage your home to clear out any negative energy.
  19. Take you Sittin' Pretty Meditation cushion and practice your meditation outside in silence. Take in the surrounding sounds nature has to offer.
  20. Take your yoga outside and let your entire body breathe in the fresh air

I hope you can use these tips to create some cozy time for yourself this summer. Remember life happens in the small juicy moments. Oh yeah juicy..... One more  buy a juicy watermelon and eat it outside barefoot!


Sending lots of LOVE to you,


Kristi Kuttner
Kristi Kuttner


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July 16, 2018

Beautiful picture’s & great advise!💕

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