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by Kristi Kuttner July 17, 2017

Hi Friend,

Have you been present today yet?


We know you are busy. Everyone is busy these days so we created something special for you.

Here are a few things we personally do daily or weekly to keep us sane and in the present moment.

Try one or all but the most important thing is to make it yours:

  1. Start your morning by....
    making coffee or tea and then drink your beverage while either gazing out the window or even better yet go outside and sit while you sip.

    Why? Starting your day in the present really changes the vibration and energy of your entire day.
  2. Take time for a little self-care in the morning.
    Why? When you take care of yourself it shines through all day. Wear clothes that you love, put on lip gloss, use a lotion or essential oil that smells amazing. This will help illuminate that positive energy and positive vibration that will make your day even better.
  3. Create a positive and clean energy flow in your space.
    How? Make your bed each morning. Try to keep clutter and dishes put away. We all know that walking into a clean home after work feels much better than a messy one. Once you get home to your clean space, light a Sittin’ Pretty Still candle and put on some relaxing music that you love.
  4. Nourish your body throughout the day with good quality healthy food.
    Why & How? Listen to your body and what it’s craving. We love super foods which include chia seeds, spirulina, almonds, shredded coconut, and blueberries. That is only just a few! Once you start eating healthy it becomes the food you crave. Sorry Cheetos you didn’t make the list :)
  5. Make your electronics positive.
    What? We all love our electronics now. And let’s be real we look at them A LOT more so check in with yourself. Make sure you are following positive people, watching videos or reading blog posts that are joyful and educational. This way you are moving in the direction of your dreams. Catch yourself if you start comparing yourself to someone else’s beautiful yoga pose or awesome abs. Social media should be a place of inspiration and connection. Also, our favorite place to get inspired is Pinterest. Check out our Pinterest here. Dream boards are amazing for manifesting your dreams. We also love to use pretty pictures that make us smile as our desktop photos. Happy manifesting.
  6. Accomplish a goal for the day.
    How? Maybe it’s a project at work or taking a yoga class, it could even be just being kind to yourself. Accomplishing goals whether they are small or big makes a huge difference in the long run. A sense of accomplishment is one of the highest vibrational things you can do for yourself and you will definitely see a shift happen in your life when you include this step each day.
  7. Release and let go of things that don’t make you feel good.
    Ask yourself: What music do you listen to?
    What are you watching on tv or youtube?
    What people do you spend your time with or talk to on the phone?
    Make sure these are all in alignment with the direction you want to move and not weighing you down or giving you anxiety. In turn, this will allow you to spread your beautiful light into the world.
  8. Let all the positivity flow into your night routine as well.
    How? Avoid social media and TV before bed, use a diffuser with lavender oil, read funny and uplifting books and think about all the things that happened during the day that you are grateful for. The more grateful we are for things, then the more things we will have to be grateful for and that’s a true story.

We hope you enjoyed this list of goodies & take at least one of them into your daily routine.


Kristi and Steph!

Kristi Kuttner
Kristi Kuttner


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