Go ahead & play with yourself!

by Kristi Kuttner October 06, 2016

Hopefully, this title caught your attention and the “play” on words.

You may have thought we were talking about another form of, well, playing with yourself, but we are actually talking about some good ole fashion laugh, giggle, run, dance, swim, color, jump on a trampoline kinda play.

Now, take yourself back to a time when a to-do list didn’t exist….ahhhhh! Those were the days, right? Well, those still can be the days and should be the days! We are not telling you to dump your to-do list, throw your bills away and hang up on your boss but we want to emphasize the importance of having fun and including play into your self-care regimen daily or weekly (daily is better.)

Research has shown that including only 15 minutes of play into your day can reduce stress, improve brain function, improve relationships, stimulate creativity and most importantly keep you feeling young and ALIVE.

Here are some of our favorite idea’s to include some play time into your schedule.

We invite you to book some time for play and fun into your calendar.

  • Blow some bubbles
  • Bake and decorate cookies
  • Go see a comedy show with friends
  • Play Doh -   all colors!
  • Step on bubble wrap
  • Paint a picture
  • Do a cannonball into a pool
  • Take a pottery class
  • Plant a garden
  • Dance, dance & more dance (Steph’s Favorite)
  • Go to a petting zoo
  • Have a picnic
  • Climb a tree & read a book
  • Go apple picking
  • Swing on the swings (Kristi’s favorite)

These are just a few and the list goes on. Even 5 minutes in the morning can change your entire day. So go ahead, play with yourself! Life is too short not to.

Kristi Kuttner
Kristi Kuttner


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