How to create a Vacation in your own home :) With a Yin yoga video

by Kristi Kuttner April 19, 2018



Recently my hubs and I traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a yoga retreat/vacation. The fun even started in the anticipation months prior to the trip. Our tropical paradise didn't disappoint! It was filled with naps by the pool and of course pass me the margaritas and chips and salsa please! Please don't get me started on the room service (coffee in bed!!!!!). But then the end came near and a lot of the other participants of the yoga retreat mentioned sadness of having to leave. I of course felt the same way but I really wanted to share ways that you can vacation at home. Our vacations shouldn't be looked at as an escape from our lives but more of an opportunity to slow down and reflect. Here are a few ways you can create a Sittin' Pretty Still vacation in your own home :)

* Buy pineapple or favorite fruit of choice and eat it while still in your robe (I'm seriously buying on of those white plush robes!)
* Meditate on your Sittin' Pretty cushion (it's like a vacation every time) 
* Sip your favorite tea or coffee with your feet up
* Go barefoot
* Turn your phone on airplane mode for a day or even an hour to completely disconnect
* Make "pretty" water by adding strawberries, cucumbers or oranges
* Listen to Bob Marley
* Eat outside by candle light (Coconut bliss Still candles are amazing!)
* indulge in a morning bubble bath!!! YESSSSSS!
* Dive into a good book for hours again with feet up drinking pretty water
* Wash your sheets, make the bed and then turn down the top cover
* Order carry out or even better food delivery

All very simple things that can be done together or separate to really truly take care of ourselves. When we create space for ourselves to really enjoy life it creates a ripple effect around us of positive energy. So turn up the Bob Marley and call me in the morning. hee hee!

Here is a nice relaxing Yin Yoga video I filmed on the rooftop of Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta. Please enjoy and add it to your list of ways to vacation with me in your home!  More relaxing Mexico videos to come......


Kristi Kuttner
Kristi Kuttner


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