I was a goal digger

by Kristi Kuttner January 10, 2017

Hi Love,

Kristi here! I used to be a true goal digger and a resolution setting fool.

This year, however, I had enough and my mood has now changed about both. I can see looking back at my goals and resolutions they were always from a place of never being good enough.

I have struggled with the “10lb” syndrome most of my life and realized many of the females in my life are also suffering from this syndrome. It’s the “I just need to lose 10lbs, work out really hard and I will be happier” feeling.

Of course, for some, it’s not about the weight they are trying to lose. It could be to make more money, exceed in your career, meet the man or woman of your dreams etc. While these are all great aspirations, it’s good to check in with your intentions behind it. Asking myself WHY do I want this specific outcome has given me the clarity to ditch the goals.

Typical goals were:

Lose 10lbs tomorrow

Stay organized

Make more money

Save money

Eat less sugar and drink less….blah blah blah.

Which I have made huge progress towards, but let’s be real on occasion I enjoy the wine buzz, buying that ALO top and eating sugar cookies!

Instead this year I wrote out my purpose and how I can progress towards that every day. For me personally, my purpose is to teach through yoga, meditation, nutrition, self- love and being a female entrepreneur. When I leave this earth I don’t want people to remember me as the girl who didn’t eat sugar and had great abs. I want to make an impact on the world by helping others on their path of creating a life of joy, self-love, and happiness.

To find out what your purpose is I would recommend asking yourself these questions:

What am I truly interested in?

What books do I read?

What music do I listen to?

What fills up and lights up my heart?

What interests me to the point of bursting?

When you feel your life has a purpose everything seems to fall into place as one big circle. Everything is seamlessly connected; there is no beginning or ending just one continuous flow year after year of giving yourself from an open heart.

Happy New Years!

P.S We're launching a crowdfunding campaign this year! Keep ya posted :)

Kristi Kuttner
Kristi Kuttner


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