I'm sorry Ms. Pretty (oh), I am for real

by Kristi Kuttner February 21, 2017

Hi Love,


Do you have a side hustle? Passion project? Or big dreams?

Sittin’ Pretty Still use to be referred as our “Side hustle.” This small business we spent hours on between our “real” jobs. Kristi as a Dental Hygienist and Steph as a Freelance Marketing Consultant.

In the past year, our business energy has shifted.

We started to name our business Ms. Pretty and refer to her almost as if she was a friend. We named our business bank account, our logos and of course our beautiful meditation cushions Dream and Blissful. This energy shift felt natural, organic and aligned with what we believed in.

“Making our company embody a form of self-love/care and community!"

Recently, we were lucky to be vendors at the first ever San Diego Yoga Festival. Hundreds of people flocked to Ocean Beach, California to hug, dance, search, and of course do some yoga.

But something extraordinary happened that weekend.

We realized that our Ms. Pretty was becoming so much more than retail products! People approached our booth and shared their stories on how our newsletter or social media accounts had inspired them to find stillness….even for 5 minutes.

I have good news to report that we sold out that weekend.

So...tons of exciting things are on the horizon.

  1. We are launching a Kickstarter and have been working hard to get the details together.
  2. Met new mentors
  3. Hiring a team of interns & more

It’s easy for us to start thinking about the final destination.

“After the Kickstarter or in 5 years we will be doing ______.”

But really the beauty lies in the journey. The lunch meetings over tea, the deep conversations behind that booth, the laughter we share while making candles and of course the community that Ms. Pretty is organically bringing together.

Thank you, Ms. Pretty for bringing us the best customers. We adore YOU!

Kristi Kuttner
Kristi Kuttner


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