Manifest your dreams in 5 steps

by Stephanie Villegas May 31, 2017

Hi Friends,

Steph here, I want to talk to you about manifestation AKA let’s make your dreams come true :)

I remember hearing the word in a poem in 5th grade and thinking “What a fancy word! What does it mean?”

According to Webster, Manifestation means:

: a sign that shows something clearly

: one of the forms that something has when it appears or occurs

: an occurrence in which the ghost or spirit of a dead person appears

 Boo! While I don’t want to conjure any ghost or spirits in this blog let’s focus on the first two definitions.

A few weeks before we launched our Kickstarter I spoke with Felena Hanson, the founder of Hera Hub, a women’s coworking space of which I’m a member.

While in the kitchen getting my green tea, the both of us we're discussing our Meditation Cushion campaign. She said, “Do you have your buyers ready?” Basically, do I have a list of people who believe in the product and ready to grow the campaign fast? I said, “Yes, I’m confident we will fund in this first 72 hours.”

Side Note: Kickstarter has a fancy algorithm that if you fund in the first 72 hours/meet your goal your campaign will be boosted and seen by more people. In which, provides you more pledges, exposure, money, and happy customers. Win win.

After I declared “I’m confident we will fund in the first 72 hours!” I knew Felena would hold me to it. She is the type of leader you want to be proud of you. She then just elegantly nodded her head and said “Good.” Once we ended our conversation fear and doubt began to creep into my mind and body.

“Are we really gonna do this?” “Is this even possible?” “What was I thinking being so confident!” You gave this lady your word. You’re going to look like a fool when it fails.

Then something magical happened.

I took a walk around Hera Hub and started to believe, not just in my body but in mind and heart. We WILL fund in 72 hours became my mantra.

Well, you know the end to this story, we funded, and in 62 hours. I’m now a true believer in manifesting your heart's desire and want to give you the steps on how I did it.

This list was written by my business coach Joanna Turner of Mission Balance. I thought she did such an amazing job writing this, and I thought you would find it useful. 

5 Steps on how to Manifest

 Step 1. Figure out what you truly desire. This is often the hardest part. It has to be something really compelling, like travel abroad- or a photoshoot!

Step 2. Assign an amount to that desire. How much will it cost to have this in your life? Do some real research. Often it is not as much as you think it will be. For example, you might not have a huge deposit ready to buy the million dollar home you desire, but you could rent it with a friend and find the money monthly.

Step 3. Be passionately committed to achieving your desired outcome, and unavailable for anything else. Really get some emotion involved in the desire.

 Step 4. Create a vision. Make sure you can clearly see it and imagine it happening like you're already there. What can you see, where exactly are you, what can you hear, how do you feel, what are you wearing? Describe it in as much detail as possible.

 Step 5. Believe. This can also be very difficult for some but it's essential or negates all the other work so far… if you don't believe, this is a good time to be really aware of the words, thoughts and limiting beliefs coming up for you. (I find EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques, really effective to eliminate these issues)

 Step 6. Ask! Where is the money supposed to come from? This is where it allows us to make our lives a WHOLE lot easier, by asking the question we can access The Universe, our intuition or God, (wherever you stand on that) and allow yourself to hear the message and take Inspired action, from the inspiration, comes massive action.

Now go create some massive changes in your life.

Happy Manifesting.




P.S. Almost to our stretch goal of $20,000 to release the Serenity meditation cushion. Pledge now!

Stephanie Villegas
Stephanie Villegas


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