Say YES to self care

by Kristi Kuttner June 12, 2017

Hi Friends,

Self-care is easy to do when everything is running smoothly - Your to-do list is checked off and already tossed away in the recycling bin.
But what about when shiz hits the fan? 
Do you leave out that much needed time to relax and recharge in order to clean up the fan?

We know the feeling all too well. We are just wrapping up our AMAZING Kickstarter campaign. Which is wrapping up in 1 day!

What you may not see from the outside is the extensive amount of work that goes into a campaign.
Bye, bye self-care you ask? Oh no, not at Sittin’ Pretty Still. Our mantra is nap first then create. 
And yes we still get it all done.

We have an amazing team at Sittin’ Pretty Still and self-care is different for each of us (except for our love of food). 
It is important to figure what refuels you personally and make it a part of your routine. Especially when you don’t have “time”. Even 2 minutes can make a difference. Here is our team's favorite ways to show themselves a little LOVE.

“I absolutely love grocery shopping. People think I’m weird but I really enjoy taking my time around the store, smelling and touching the produce. I love to put on jazz or bluegrass music and prepare an amazing meal for myself and my husband. A glass of wine and of course a soak in the hot tub. Oh, and candles are a must.” Kristi

“I’m all about flossing my teeth. Hee hee. Using my foam roller on my sore muscles, eating delicious food and of course meditating and writing in my journal.” Steph V

“I LOVE yoga, meditation, reading a good book, great food and spending time with favorite people.” Summer

“My favorite form of self-care is going for a long run, yoga, reading, getting a pedicure and good wine and food with friends” Stef D

“For me, there is nothing like a run on Shelter Island in San Diego. Followed by meditation and yoga on the grass to clear my head.” Caitlin

What is your favorite way to unwind? We would love to know! Hit reply.
Life is not all about that to-do list. It’s the small things that make up the big picture :)

Cheers to enjoying this life.


Kristi Kuttner
Kristi Kuttner


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