Self-care is the way!!!!!!

by Kristi Kuttner February 05, 2018

A few years ago I did some deep healing work with my good friend Olivia Cecchettini. I showed up at her home in tears and a hollow feeling in my chest. Olivia has a masters degree spiritual physcology and offered to help me begin my "inner work".  
I remember these specific words coming from my mouth
    "I feel so disconnected from my body.  I don't know what is wrong with me.  I work out twice a day and eat       super clean, but it's like my body is fighting against me. I keep gaining weight, my skin is horrible and I           feel exhausted all of the time.  I'm just soooooo tired!"

She gazed at me compassionately and said "what do you do for self-care".  HUH???? I said "I exercise twice a day and eat a super clean diet, isn't that self-care.  Her answer was "Nope".  

And this changed everything.  I realized I had no idea how to love myself.  My exercise and eating came from a place of not feeling good enough.  In reality all I was doing was ruining my hormones and my inner spirit.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  For you it might be something different such as overworking, perfectionism or overeating. Everyone is different but we need to ask ourselves some deep questions when it comes to our addictions.  Addictions are just there as teachers and know that slowing down, finding some stillness and adding relaxation to your day can change everything.  

And I'm happy to report that once I started to exercise less and incorporate self-care rituals into my day the weight started to shed and my skin cleared up. My eyes were bright again and most importantly I felt connected to my body. 

Here is a short little video to inspire you to practice self-care rituals into your day.

Reach out if you need anything :)


Kristi Kuttner
Kristi Kuttner


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