Selfie Date By Leigh-Ann Pedone

by Kristi Kuttner January 24, 2017 1 Comment

We asked Leigh-Ann to write a blog post on her meditation and self-discovery journey. This is what she created and we hope you enjoy it.

Practice makes perfect 

Written by Leigh-Ann Pedone

When I hear the word practice, I am instantly transported to the soccer field. From the day I was old enough to play all the way to college, I found myself on multiple teams playing in tournaments, joining seasonal leagues, and venturing from state to state, weekend to weekend. My time spent in between was constantly practicing, sharpening my footwork, studying myself to better myself.

As I entered college, sports quickly took a backseat to my social life. But in the absence of the structure I knew so well, I could feel tangible changes in my being - I craved that time to hone in on something. I wanted to be learning outside of my classroom but wasn't ready to commit to something as serious as a team sport.

Instead, I practiced something that I have come to learn is not weighed nearly heavy enough on most people's scales. I practiced being alone.

I remember the first time I came home from what I now dub a "selfie date". My friends couldn't wrap their heads around the concept of me spending an entire day solo. You ate dinner and went to a movie .. alone? THE HORROR!

This moment will forever stand out to me - it was one of the first times I can recall truly not having the desire to convince anyone else of the choices I made. I came home that night feeling physically lighter. A light had turned on, one I hadn't even realized was even turned off. It was first date bliss at it's finest.

Fast forward to nearly a decade of honoring my solo time later - here's what I’ve learned so far:

- i am capable of so much more than i realize.

- the power of manifestation is real.

- the more receptive you are, the more you receive.

- i am enough.

- i am vulnerable.

- that's okay.

While these tidbits may sound like no-brainers, it takes a continuous effort of peeling back those layers to really absorb what they mean. At the top of every week, I make it a point to fill slots of time with things that feed my mind, body and/or soul. The return on this kind of investment is invaluable.

As I continue down this path of self-love and understanding, I encourage those in my world more than ever to do the same. It is in my solo moments that I have learned more about my wants + needs, my future, my intentions, my BEING, then I could have imagined possible.

This journey is truly a gift, not just to your future self but to those who get to experience the most whole version of you.  

remember - there is no meditation without 'me'  :)

Kristi Kuttner
Kristi Kuttner


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January 30, 2017

Yay for selfie dates :)

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