Kristi started making candles in her home kitchen after her mom had a terrible asthmatic reaction to store bought candles. After lots—(and lots!) of trial and error, she got the perfect recipe down…She is proud to say her mama can now burn her clean burning candles right next to her with no reactions. She is devoted to finding just the right formula. Kristi researches and uses only the best products: cotton wicks, soy wax, oils and oodles of loving energy!
Each candle has a secret positive message inside which is revealed as the candle burns down.
Did we mention Kristi is a certified yoga teacher and a Reiki Master teacher? Talk about powerful good energy in these products. 
On top of the candles, SIttin' pretty still carries gorgeous and ergonomically pleasing meditation cushions made from high-end durable fabrics. These cushions will give your meditation practice an extra dose of peace and deep relaxation so you can achieve the life you want to live. 
"I have always wanted to create something positive for this world—and just like I practice in the hours on my meditation cushion and  yoga mat, I believe in the power of stillness and positive affirmations!"
Sittin’ Pretty Still creates positive products for women to indulge in self-care, relaxation and feel good all around.
My promise to help people pause frequently and smile often.