Our Mission

Our Mission

Lighting a candle and relaxing for us has been a daily routine and a personal commitment to slow down, unwind and enjoy the beauty in simplicity. Our mission is to make high-end products that fill your home with positive energy. To encourage women to create an aura of self-care and to feel pretty from the inside out. Take a cozy seat on your meditation cushion and join us by lighting your Still candle. Be delighted as your room fills with relaxing aromas and a radiant glow.

Values & Culture

We believe in the following...

* Create products to enhance women’s sacred home, meditation, and/or office space.

* Be authentically you.

* Support your fellow sister.

* Treat our customers like good friends.

* Make everything with a happy heart.

* Stay balanced with yoga, meditation & naps.

* Embrace learning & know everything is figureoutable.

* Focus on one thing at time & make it exceptional.

* Encourage women to treat their bodies with love & daily rituals of self-care.

* Make strong solid decisions with confidence, while always following our hearts.