Chakra Harmony Still Candle

Sittin' Pretty Still

Uplift your mind, invigorate your body, and amplify your bliss. Chakras, the seven centers of energy and consciousness are connected with our physical, mental, and psychological functioning and understanding of who we are. Chakra Harmony encompasses the refreshing essence of grapefruit and citrus to energize your upper chakras and harnesses the soothing undertones of sandalwood to ground your lower chakras. Luminescence has never smelled quite so tangy (and tantalizing)!

Scent: Citrus blend of grapefruit, mango-stein to invigorate the upper chakras and sandalwood to ground and balance the lower chakras.

  • Burn time 70+ hours
  • 2 cotton wicks
  • 13 Oz candle
  • 100% Premium eco-soy wax
  • No petroleum or phthalate
  • Hand-poured in San Diego, CA
  • Each Candle is Reiki infused 
  • Secret positive affirmation inside (like a fortune cookie)
  • 1 positive affirmations to keep or share with a friend
  • Updated: No lid provided on this candle
    To Enjoy Your Candle - Care Instruction:
    • On the first burn allow wax pool to melt edge to edge.
    • Trim your wick ¼” prior to each burn.
    • Maximum Burn time 3 - 4 hours to avoid overheating.
    • Keep aways from drafts.
    • Never burn your candle unattended.


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